sobota, 16 maja 2009

Wiersz Marii Pawlikowskiej-Jasnorzewskiej po angielsku "Zapomniane pocałunki"

"Forgotten kisses"

Who counts our kisses,
Who don't to weigh?
People have concerns and errands,
God creates the world...
Forgotten by the two of us a lot of pink
falls to the bottom of our souls
as flakes of soft, beautiful roses...
There are tinght and strangle in the.
Sweat sweet oil,
which smells in all night for us
and each morning
and life of an ordinary autumn poverty
Roses makes the country, Persian Gulistan.
Who counts our kisses?
Who don't to weigh?
God creates the world,
don't save in the books of sweets.

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

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